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Bath Bombs

Natural & Organic Bath Bombs

Buy Natural Handmade Soaps Online

How would you like to smell after you take a bath or shower? – This is the quintessential question you must ask when you are choosing from Heart and Soap’s collection of handmade soaps! Every batch is carefully and meticulously made to provide the most luxurious bathing experiences. You can chose from our range of herbal, floral, fruity, natural, and unique fragrances, which will transform your bath time into a pleasant and relaxing spa experience!

Our soaps have all-natural ingredients, and by using age-old and time tested methods to make our soap bars, we can promise you the best possible quality soap you will ever use. With the rejuvenating qualities of our handmade bar soap, you will feel like you have opened a spa in your home.

Transform your whole bathroom in the spa with our natural handmade soaps and their unique feel, scents, and lather. You can order homemade soaps in our shop, and treat yourself to therapeutic baths every day.

The rejuvenating qualities of our handmade soap will give you the feeling of a spa at home, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience that is just unbelievable. All of our Handmade Soaps are very unique, satisfying, and create a bath time experience fit for royalty. What are waiting for? Visit Heart and Soap today and place your order.

Cheap Fizzy & Foaming Bath Bombs

Heart and Soap provides a complete range of beautifully patterned, fragrant, and detoxifying handmade soaps and bath bombs, all made using all-natural ingredients such as milks, olive oil, coconut oil, honey, vanilla, activated charcoal, glycerin, aloe vera, lemongrass, almond oil, coffee, and so much more.